Organisational Mental Health Awareness, Stress Relief & wellbeing

Understanding Organisational Support for Mental Health and wellbeing

This course is recommended for organisations which are aiming to implement or improve their existing strategy for tackling mental health and wellbeing issues in the work-place.

To have a better understanding about mental health and mental illness, so that awareness and support can be provided for staff in the work-place.


  • Understand the difference between mental health and mental ill health
  • Understand the difference between stress and pressure
  • Recognise the risks and symptoms of mental health disorders
  • Identify barriers that might make it difficult to provide adequate support at work, and the steps that can be taken

Stress Management and Building Resilience

This training course will help you to identify the importance of resilience, and identify the steps you can take to become more resilient. It is a key to ‘bouncing back’ after having faced personal or work-place challenges.

To understand the negative effect of stress, and the positive pressure response required to build resistance.


  • Understand the coordination during the alarm and resistance response
  • Identify the psychological, physical, and behavioural symptoms of excessive amounts of stress
  • Learn how resilience contributes to the development of wellbeing, and the steps to take to help avoid burnout or mental ill-health

The Nutritional Approach to Health and wellbeing

This short course introduces you to the role that nutrition plays in helping to deal with stressors in your life.  This course teaches you how to choose food wisely, and consequently to protect or restore your physical and emotional health.

To learn how to move towards healthy eating, and receive positive ideas that can support you to make those changes.


  • Learn how stress affects the mind and body
  • Understand 21st century malnutrition
  • Recognise the benefits of healthy eating
  • Understand the healing power of food colours
  • Gain the inspiration to eat healthily
  • Learn the pros and cons of certain nutritional choices
  • Learn how to implement a healthy eating policy in your organisation

Managing Mental Health and wellbeing for Educators

This course is intended for staff, including teaching assistants, learning support and SENDCo (ASL in Scotland), who want to understand the issues surrounding stress, mental health and wellbeing as it applies specifically within the context of education.

The course is also recommended for staff wanting to explore strategies for self-care, and the inclusion of wellbeing in the curriculum.

To examine, and understand the nature of wellbeing, stress management, and mental health in an educational context.


  • Identify relevant legislation, the curriculum and health and safety standards that impact the management or implementation of wellbeing in education
  • Explore the main risks to mental and physical health, and the increasing need for self-care
  • Learn strategies aimed at implementing and improving health and wellbeing in education
  • Understand the importance of on-going support for staff, pupils and students