Stress Management Coaching

There is Support For You

Many of the happiest people have learned how to deal with unresolved stress, and they have received the support, and encouragement needed to do so. Stress is a part of everyday life but it should not prevent you from being able to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With support you can obtain resources and knowledge in order to find it easier to cope, to avoid burnout, and reduce the impact of those stressful situations.

The body and mind cannot sustain stress over a long period of time. Unfortunately, if stressors continue for longer than the body can sustain, the body’s defences become exhausted. Stress Management Coaching, offered by Leap to Health in Inverness, provides you with support, guidance and encouragement to build up the “Resilience” needed to reduce your stress levels. Coaching sessions are tailored to meet “your” needs; helping you to stay focused, inspired and motivated.


Our bodies, metabolism and mind, including yours, respond well to rest, and stress management techniques to help you.

Reduce the impact of stress

Learn How To:

  • Face the stressors, and implement coping strategies
  • Become more resilient
  • Reduce anxiety, and make positive changes
  • Avoid burnout, and get your life back
  • Say “No” to limiting beliefs
  • Improve your mental health and general wellbeing
Did you know that pressure and stress are not the same? We all face pressure at times, for example, pressure to meet a deadline; pressure to get to a meeting on time or pressure to cope with additional responsibilities. These are all external examples of pressure. The problem is that these are just some examples of situations that can trigger feelings of stress.

Well-managed pressure is not bad. Some pressure is required to do the things which motivate you otherwise life would be become very boring. Unfortunately, too much pressure can lead to stress, anxiety and burnout. When unresolved pressure or demands build up on you, it can become threatening, consequently leading to emotional or physical tension because you don’t feel that you can manage.

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed by stress right now, let me share some good news with you:

The more you know about yourself, the easier it becomes to recognise your stressors; to take steps to tackle those stressors, and thereafter implement change to help resolve them.

Stress is very personal, and varies from person to person. The level of stress with which you can cope is not the same for everyone.

Stress is the result of negative emotions, and unresolved pressures which have built up over time. Those stressors, if left to spiral out of control can have a negative impact on your mind and body.


Feeling stressed? Rest assured, there are coping strategies within reach to help you become more resilient. Take the next step, book your first session, and find out how.

Are you ready to experience a healthier, happier lifestyle?

Thank you so much for being at the end of the telephone line during my coaching sessions with you. Your support, encouragement and guidance helped me when I was feeling anxious and stressed. You have been a rock, and the sessions have been like gold; they meant a lot to me. I feel more positive, and I am so looking forward now to continuing with finishing my studies, and the pursuit of my goals. Thank you. God bless you, Sonia.

Ellie, University Student, Essex


“Be prepared to see your inactive wishes spring to life with the help of Sonia. Working with Sonia forces one to stop making excuses and take responsibility for one’s choices. I am happy to be benefitting from her services!”

Jennifer, Accountant, Edinburgh