Group Coaching

Stress Management, Mental Health Awareness, Health and wellbeing

Benefit from the support of like-minded people. Take the opportunity to explore the changes you can make to succeed.

When you decide to join attend Leap to Health for Group sessions, you will be able to learn effective, powerful techniques and take part in discussions which can be used to help improve your health, wellness and personal strengths.

All the clients who attend come to the session from various backgrounds, with different goals or aspirations.


Get in touch with me at Leap to Health, and discover how Group Health Coaching could work for you.

How The Group Coaching Sessions Work

  • It will consist of a small group. Coaching will be centred primarily around emotional wellbeing, nutrition and physical wellbeing. Spiritual aspects of health and wellbeing can be included if specifically requested by all the participants in the group.
  • You will find that the group promotes a safe, non-judgemental environment with participants being asked to maintain respect and confidentiality at all times.
  • The group is a powerful way to support each other, and to motivate you to stick to the healthy changes which you would like to make.
  • Listening and questioning, for example, are important techniques used in coaching. You will find that during group health coaching the same techniques will be applied.
  • For each of the group health coaching sessions attendees must book in advance. This crucially ensures that each session has sufficient participants to make the programme work for the benefit of clients who attend.
    Each coaching session lasts for I hour.
  • The support you need does not need to end at the of the six-week group coaching sessions.
  • When the six weeks sessions come to an end, you can continue to receive coaching which is more personalised. At this point, if you wish, you can continue being coached on a 1 -1 basis.

Now is a good time to take the action needed to start to improve your health and wellbeing.

Programme 1:

Face to Face Group Health Coaching

You can sign up in advance for your one-hour group health coaching sessions; they take place Face to Face in small groups. This six-session programme is ideal for those who are often on their own, and welcome the opportunity to meet with other group members in person.

Programme 2:

Online Group Health Coaching

Clients who wish to attend online only, (by Zoom), will also need to register in advance.  Each online course lasts for one hour, and will run for six weeks.  New clients can join at the start of each six-week programme.  The online coaching sessions will be limited to 8 participants.