Organisational Health and wellbeing

Stress Management, Resilience, Mental Health Awareness, Nutrition, G.O.A.L.S.™

Take Action to Develop Your Team

These training courses focus on providing support for either you individually or for staff in the workplace who are serious about tackling their health issues. The training sessions will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to look after your health and wellbeing. Each of the training programmes provide you with the opportunity to become more resilient whilst working to reduce stress-levels and thereby improving personal and professional growth.


The key words here are, ‘rebound’ and ‘adjust’. True resilience is not defined by pushing oneself relentlessly towards stress, and eventual burnout. Although we are all different, there still needs to be a growing awareness to do what is necessary to prevent debilitating stress and improve your mental health and wellness.

Mental Health, Stress Management & wellbeing Training Courses

The training programmes indicated are: designed for individual staff who want to be healthier, and for managers who are seeking to improve the health, wellbeing and mental health of their teams.


  • Stress management, and building resilience
  • Understanding organisational stress and mental health
  • The role of nutrition when making changes towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Training for educational staff, including teaching assistants, learning support and SENCo (ASL in Scotland)

Become familiar with G.O.A.L.S.™ The 5-Steps to Health and wellbeing which are:

You have made a decision, but how do you start to move forward?
Time management is an art – find out why?
You want to avoid procrastination, so how do you remain focused?
What is the effect of poor self-esteem and confidence on my mental health?
Celebrating success is my ultimate key to achievement, why?


The training courses above can be adapted to meet your needs and those of your staff. Consequently, personal or professional coaching around a range of these issues can be accommodated.

Courses are run by Leap to Health, Inverness

The courses give you the opportunity to reflect on your targets, and make the necessary plans to achieve your personal and professional goals.

I had the privilege to meet Dr Sonia Russell on our Level 5 Diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness course. I am proud to say that having spent time with her she has a real passion for this subject. Her previous knowledge only added to her ability to deliver a course to the highest standard. I can highly recommend Sonia, as approachable, professional and extremely knowledgeable in this subject.

Jane Thomas
Director and Lead Trainer Premier Life Skills Ltd


I have pleasure in recommending Dr Sonia Russell. Sonia has a positive, supportive, empathic approach to provide Mental Health and Wellbeing services. All company undertakings are underpinned by her ability to consistently deliver to the highest professional standards. 

Maggie Stevens

SMAUK Ambassador & Scotland Co-ordinator