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Break Your Cycle of Limiting Beliefs. You Are More Than You Think

Are You Fed Up with How Feel?

  • You are constantly tired and lethargic
  • You rely on eating fast-food because you believe that you do not have the time, or energy to prepare healthy meals
  • Weight management has become an issue that is affecting your self-esteem
  • You are constantly trying to juggle your life, and the amount of time that you spend working
By saying ‘no’ to negative thoughts and emotions, you can get started on nourishing your body and mind. Learning to build the resilience to deal with a distressing situation could lead to healthier mindset. This helps to provide the energy and motivation needed to improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Research has shown that when you are optimistic you often fare much better. It becomes easier to look at the different perspectives of a problem or situation before making a judgment about what has happened or might happen.

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Healthy food, Healthy body, Healthy mind

For many people making changes can be hard. Do not worry, you do not have to change everything, and you do not have to do so all at the same time. Nonetheless, self-care is important! A healthy diet can make it easier to reduce stress, and maintain a healthy weight or wellbeing.

The best way to succeed is to make small, realistic changes.

  • Write down what you eat and drink; this helps you to take better control of your nutritional intake.
  • You may be surprised by how much you actually consume in a day.
  • Being aware of what you eat and drink is an excellent starting point.
  • Remember to be honest with yourself.

“Don’t allow poor nutritional choices to sabotage your health. Poor nutrition could affect the way you look, feel, and behave.”

Do you leave enough time for exercise and relaxation? If not, then read on.

The majority of us do not take enough time to relax. Unfortunately, the ability to relax in the 21st century, though not difficult to do, is becoming rare due to a perceived lack of time. Insufficient exercise and relaxation can over-stimulate the mind and body, and lead to illness.

Exercise and relaxation activities do not need to be complicated. Walking in the open air, for example, can contribute to an extended, and better quality of life. Relaxation is a natural state, and helps to reduce or completely eliminate muscular tension and stress. Relaxation, moreover, may improve an individual’s quality of sleep, thus helping to eliminate tiredness, and promote clear waking brain function.



To provide you with support, and encouragement, a personalised One-to-One Coaching programme, or if you prefer, a Group Coaching programme will be designed with you.

Are you ready to experience a healthier, happier lifestyle?

“Having received practical advice about life changing habits from Dr Sonia, I decided to take onboard the advice given, and try it for myself. With continued encouragement I can positively say that the changes to my weight and lifestyle have been rewarding. By making the decision to start by taking small steps, with coaching support I'm eager to take the next steps towards experiencing a healthier lifestyle”.

Gloria, Teacher, Florida, USA


Dr Sonia’s coaching has been incredible. Words cannot describe how much her telephone coaching sessions have meant to me. The sessions shielded me knowing that she was at the end of the telephone line. Thank you.

Bethany, Teacher, London