Promoting Stress Management, Mental Wellbeing and Nutritional Therapy Advice


Learn how to manage anxiety effectively


Stop constant worrying and transform your health


Increase your morale, motivation and performance

Ready to take action?

Leap to Health, located in Inverness, and established by Dr Sonia Russell EdD, focuses on mental health awareness, stress management and wellbeing. Coaching, mentoring and training sessions are for serious professionals who want relief from stress, anxiety and worry. They want to feel healthy, to be able to cope, and to have a peace of mind.

With Leap to Health, you will be empowered to recognise the risk-factors associated with stress, mental health and general wellness, and thereafter implement strategies needed to improve your health and wellbeing. Make no mistake, whatever you believe becomes your reality. Taking action for change is indeed a requirement for success but you need to start feeling good about yourself. Afterwards, it becomes easier to take control, and to make your desire for change a reality.


Remember: Nobody stays the same all the time. The opportunity to take action is always present.

The Coaching and Mentoring Programmes..

Coaching for

Learn how to look after your physical, and emotional wellbeing. Bounce back’ from stress.

Coaching for

You are keen to learn more about the techniques you can use to improve your health and wellbeing.

workshops and seminars

For organisations which are aiming to implement or improve existing strategies.

Developing health and wellbeing

Strategies for tackling stress and wellbeing in the work-place.